Science Outreach Servers is a small network of high-performance desktop workstations donated from generous donors. Although few, we are looking at all opportunities to expand the number of machines. The network was created and managed by a UK based scientist with ten years of experience in scientific research and over fifteen years of experience in software and system development. Currently, available (subject to project requirements):

Intel i9 36 core, NVIDIA GTX Quadro 4000, 128 GB RAM
Intel Xeon E5 32 core, x2 NVIDIA GTX 970, 64 GB RAM
Intel Xeon E5 32 core, NVIDIA GTX 2080, 64 GB RAMA
MD 6 core, NVIDIA GTX 1070, 32 GB RAM
NAS Server with 6TB of storage space

We currently support the following software and packages:
Python and R

We hope to support a ligand-docking high throughput screening software package by March 2022.